Benjamin Peter Wilson's Birth-Day

I went into labor the evening of Aug. 16th.  We ate a late supper, rushed the kids over to grandma & grandpa Wilson’s for the night and waited.  I felt rushed & tense & was glad to have quiet in the house.  Contractions were about 10 min. apart, but I was up straightening & cleaning the house.  I had to tell the midwives when I had a contraction. 

By late evening, things slowed down & I went upstairs to bed to rest.  Everything slowed down & then eventually quit, so when we decided the midwives should go back home, I wanted to cry because I was so disappointed that still nothing was happening.  (I was already 10 days overdue!)  It was hard to let them go, but a good decision.  Not until 5:30 am or so did anything happen. 

I was able to sleep well once they left & woke up in the early morning rested but knowing this was the day.  Contractions had started up around 6:00 or 7:00, being more consistent and harder.  Not hard enough to keep Pete & me from enjoying a relaxed, quiet breakfast together, as well as a nice walk down the road.  I hoped the walk would help pick things up (it did) & every now & then I had to stop because contractions were now stronger.  I called Patrice to come soon after our walk & Patrice & Laurie showed up a little after lunchtime. 

Now I was standing up and stopping whenever I had a contraction (every 7-10 min.)  About 2:00 pm, I moved by the pull-out bed in the living room.  I was now on my knees leaning over the bed (my usual position the last hour!).  Contractions were 4-7 min. apart, strong, and then I felt like pushing at 2:30.  I was very thirsty & felt light headed.  Pete quickly got me a drink, while I moved on the bed on hands & knees.  This was the first time I actually could understand how some women hyperventilate during labor.  When I first felt pushy (& just before), I thought I might pass out.  It may have been because it was a hot summer day. 

My water broke 2 min. after feeling pushy; the baby’s head was born 3 min. later.  Pushing was intense, but just when I needed a reprieve, my body gave me a break to catch my breath & build up strength again.  At 2:36, Benjamin Peter Wilson was born, along with an extremely thick umbilical cord!