Simeon Robert Swanson's Birth-Day

I had expected to go post-dates as I usually have.  But my water broke 2 days before my due date.  I had a very few, mild contractions that night & next day.  My husband & I went to sleep the evening my water broke & worked on filling the birth tub in the wee hours of the morning.  The next day I picked some beans, got things ready, & “pottered” about.  Napped as well. 

At about 3 pm, contractions began to get my attention, but were 20 min. apart.  The got stronger around 8 pm & 5-10 min. apart.  This was good as my 3 youngest were getting to bed.  Our boys went to bed about 9:30 & around 11 pm the contractions – though still not closer that 5-7 min., felt more intense. 

I wondered whether to call Patrice – I was afraid to get her to our home & have everything fizzle out.  But, I decided to call & let her know what was going on.  Be the time she arrived (only a few minutes later), I had 3 more contractions, & asked if I could get in the tub.  She said I could try & see how things went.  I got in- (heavenly!) & had 1 regular contraction & then a “pushy” one. 

It was amazing how perfectly timed it all was!  Patrice, Barb, & Kirstin let me labor alone (which I prefer) & could hear when I was getting ready to deliver.  Pushing (my most trying part of labor)  was helped by the water in the tub so much!  It took a long while to push his whole head out (It came inch by inch) & I was hoping his body would slide right out…which it didn’t quite do, either!  But, as intense as the pushing was – it was bearable.
Simeon was born at last & after some suction & rubbing, did very well.  (He started off a little floppy.  It was a hard journey for him too!)  I just shut my eyes & thanked God for his Mercy to us in giving us this healthy boy & a safe birth. 

Home is the place for a normal birth!  I can’t even begin to describe the differences from a hospital birth.  What a joy & delight to be in our own home & to know the midwives were there with their knowledge to help us, not to “manage” our birth.  * As a note- healing from this birth has been great!  No cuts or tears & very little bleeding.  Everyone is more comfortable afterwards & settled in than with a hospital birth as well.