Paul Henry Olson's Birth-Day

I awoke at 5:00am having contractions & thought this might finally be it!  They kept happening so I timed them at 5 minutes apart & called Patrice at 6:30 am to let her know this was the day!  I called Andy at work to let him know & he arrived home at 7:30.  The birthing pool was set up in the kitchen and he began filling it. 

Patrice and Barb arrived around 8:30 am.  The kids were all upstairs playing quietly, waiting to meet their baby brother.  My contractions were getting more productive, I was leaning against the wall & breathing through them & would sit on the toilet through them too.  My mom came at 9:30 to video birth & help with kids, Andy went to catch a nap.  Contractions getting more uncomfortable – wanting to know how dilated I am – I get into pool at 11:00.  WOW!  That took the edge off.  11:30 Patrice checks me for dilation – 7cm.  Back in the pool & getting more uncomfortable & wondering if I was getting close to pushing.  The sensation of being in water during labor was “different” for me; comfortable as in taking the edge off, yet difficult to feel like I was in a productive position for giving birth.  I needed Andy to get up, it was getting close (11:45). 

By 12:20 it was time to push.  I was semi-sitting/laying with Andy supporting me under my arms.  (He was outside of pool.)  Pushing was extremely hard for me because I felt like I was on my back, which I know is not the best position to be in, yet I didn’t feel like I could get into a better position either.  I was just trying to focus on letting my body relax & “open” to get his head born.  His head was born & I hoped the kids would get down the stairs in time to see the birth.  I gave another push & out he came!  I opened my eyes & all of the girls were there with excitement all over their faces!  After 4 girls, a boy!  They all gathered around to meet their new brother.