Josiah Evert Kortman's Birth-Day

We are tremendously thankful to our Father in heaven for the blessing of our new son, Josiah Evert Kortman, born Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 11:25pm. He weighed 8lb. 11oz. and measured 21″ long.

josiah1Josiah, meaning ” God will save”, is named after the 16th king of Judah who followed God wholeheartedly despite previous kings who turned away. You can read the story in 2 Kings 22-23. Paul was given the middle name, Evert, in honor of his Grandpa Evert DeVries with whom Paul shares a birthday. Now, we give it to little Josiah Evert, in honor of both his Daddy and his Great-Grandpa.

josiah2Dark haired Baby Si (pronounced SIGH) was born at home with only his daddy in attendance. Our midwife, Patrice, assistant midwife Lori, midwife apprentice, Amanda, and my Aunt Vera arrived soon after his speedy entrance into this world. He came quietly and calmly in a planned water birth only a little over 2 hours after letting us know he was coming! Mommy was glad for such a short labor and we are all pleased both Si and Mommy are healthy and strong. Thank you for your prayers! Si’s birth certificate will name Paul as the “attending physician”…how special!

josiah3Alia met her new brother the next morning and immediately wanted to kiss and hold little Si. We have found that only reading books with someone will tempt her away from her big sisterly duties!
We hope that the joy we feel in our hearts today finds its way to your hearts as well.

The new and improved Kortman Family, Paul, Becky, Alia, & Si

josiah4(From Paul) Ok so how does this rate? I caught him and they get the credit? Actually there is no way I could have ever been as confident as I was without knowing that these gifted people were on the way and minutes away.
From the Left:
Laurie (Attended Josiah’s cousin Bethany’s birth)
Amanda – Holding Josiah (Midwife in training, oh and she gives a phenomenal massage!)
Patrice (the midwife of record)