Kindra Jones

I am a mother to six boys all born between the years 2010 and 2016. My own experience during pregnancy and birth was the catalyst for my passion for birth work and caring for families during the childbearing year. My grandmother, along with my own mother had homebirths, so from a young age I believed this was the normal way to bring babies into the world. Despite plans for a home birth, my first son was born via cesarean section due to a breech presentation as I began labor and attempts to turn him were unsuccessful. My following births took place at home and I couldn’t be happier with peaceful and personal experience that setting provided. Throughout my pregnancies I invested in studying pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and child-rearing on my own. I mentioned to my husband that it was a dream of mine to become a midwife and he encouraged me to pursue it. In January 2016 I began classes at the Midwives’ College of Utah where I am working towards my Associate’s Degree in the Science of Midwifery. I joined the Full Circle team as a student in June of 2017. I will say that this journey has lead me through many unexpected turns, but I am so grateful to be learning from a team of skilled, caring midwives who work seamlessly together