Some birth stories from a Midwife's perspective:

Had 2 births yesterday. The first was a 2nd home birth.   SRM  Thursday morn, 10am.  Leaked clear fluid all that day and part of the  next.  Bloody show and a few contrx. early am on Saturday.  She just  went about her business – did the same thing with her first baby so  wasn’t the least bit concerned.  She’s never had an abx or even an  aspirin or tylenol in her life.  Started in with contrx about 1:15  this morn.  Called at 2:45 w/ q 5 contrx getting stronger but she  hadn’t gotten her husband up yet and wasn’t sure we should come.  I  said we would and better get him up. Contrx were q 2-3 1/2 hr later.   She walked around till about 4:30 and then got in the tub.  At 5:06 she said she had to poop and at 5:09 spontaneously pushed.  All thru the pregnancy she talked about laboring in the tub but she wasn’t interested in having the baby in it.  Of course she had no desire to get out when the time came.  She was on her H & K, husband videotaping and 4 yr old up by then to watch.  Head was born at 5:23 am, about an inch or two underwater, clear as could be view for all of us of his little rosy face, eyes open, mouth smootching, cheeks wiggling. Born 2 minutes later, 7# 2oz boy.  Happy family. Great fun.

Came home and actually slept 1 1/2 hrs, then  B called.  She’s the woman whose 2nd baby a yr ago died at 3 days from a congenital heart defect.  This was her 3rd hb.  I missed her first (1 3/4 hr TOTAL labor), made the 2nd birth w/ 3 minutes to spare.  Wasn’t expecting her to call!  She was 37.4 wks, in church, not sure.  I said go home and we would come.  We got there about 12:30.  Couldn’t tell she was having contrx till 1pm when she would close her eyes every 2-3 minutes – she was sitting at the kitchen table laughing and talking with us.  At 1:35 she stood up to walk and actually quietly moaned with a contrx.  At 1:38 she says she might be  beginning to feel pushy. At 1:40 she was standing at the back of the sofa and wiped the first bloody show.  I think I said something about oh good, she would have a baby today.  Next contraction she says “I’m pushing” tho she said it calmly and didn’t look the least bit like she was.  At 1:41 she SRM’d and the head was on the perineum.   1:42 head born.  1:43 baby boy 8#. Mom calmly sat down on the birth stool and took her son into her arms.  Good thing we got some blue pads under her and I even got gloves on!

No vag exams, just monitored, supported, kept smiling,  and caught.  My favorite kind of midwifery.