Lydia's Birth Story

Lydia Grace Roberson’s Birth Story

My estimated delivery date was June 1st. I’d been having tons of Braxton-Hicks contractions all through the pregnancy, and as May progressed, I didn’t really notice any additional changes in their frequency, as I had with my two other pregnancies.

I had an appointment with Patrice at noon on May 31st. I took Levi, 4, and Anna, 19 months, with me to Patrice’s house. Everything looked good, and I was sure that nothing would happen that day.

On the way home I took the kids to my favorite Mexican restaurant. I had eaten there the night before I went into labor for Levi, so I thought I’d give it another try. Turns out it would work its magic again. We arrived home at about 2:30. I put Anna down for a nap and Levi and I went outside to do some yard work. After raking for about an hour I felt like resting. I was on the couch and just about to fall asleep at 3:55. All of a sudden I felt a strange “POP” like the baby had kicked me quite hard. I stayed very still for a minute to make sure I could still feel the baby moving. I did, so I tried to go back to sleep. At 4:05 I felt a gush of water and hurried to the bathroom. My water had broken!! I couldn’t believe I was actually in labor, and so suddenly. I called Mike to come home and left a message for Patrice. I also called Laurie and told her things were happening.

My mom picked up Levi and Anna at about 5:30. By that time I had started having mild back labor. Mike arrived at about that time. We made the bed, tidied up the house, and all the while Mike just rubbed my lower back during contractions if I needed it.

By 7:30pm the contractions were about 5 minutes apart and began to get quite strong. Mike called Patrice to ask her to come. Barb, Laurie and Patrice were all here by 9pm.

I spent much of my labor walking around the house and leaning over the counter or table during contractions. I rested briefly in the recliner, but I really wanted to make the labor as short as possible, so I tried to keep moving as much as I could. Mike was always by my side and rubbed my back with the massager or just held me. He was being very sensitive to my likes and dislikes. It was very peaceful, just him and I. The midwives talked quietly among themselves unless they were checking me or the baby’s heart-tones.

I could tell during my labor that the contractions were truly making progress. I was thrilled. I could feel my hips spreading; I could feel the baby moving downward. It was marvelous to be familiar enough with my body to notice these changes.

I thought I might like to try to deliver in the water, so at about 10:30pm I asked Patrice to check me before I got into the tub. I was only at a 4-5. I was a little disappointed and thought I might end up with another long labor. But I got in the tub anyway.

The warm water didn’t seem to help with pain therapy, as I supposed it would. The contractions were quite intense. But, between contractions, I felt so relaxed I almost thought I could sleep. By 10:50 I didn’t know how much more I could stand. At 11, I was feeling very uncomfortable in the water and really wanted to get out. Patrice and Mike helped me out of the tub. Patrice kept encouraging me that it wouldn’t be much longer. I honestly didn’t believe her! But I didn’t let on my doubts.

Ten minutes later, Patrice suggested I lay on my side on the bed. It was terribly uncomfortable. After another 10 minutes I started getting a little pushy and said so. I was amazed that I was already so close to delivering! I did not want to deliver in that position. At 11:22, I quickly flipped up onto my hands and knees. It was much more comfortable.

It felt like an eternity during those few minutes on the bed. I did not want to tear as I had with Anna, but I could barely breathe through contractions. I just wanted to get this baby out! The head was born at 11:26pm! Just a few moments later, I pushed with all I had and Lydia Grace was born! She was slipped under me so I could see her. I immediately thought she looked so much like Anna had. It brought back wonderful memories, especially having delivered them in the same position.

Following the tradition of Anna’s birth, we had apple pies on hand to share with everyone. I enjoyed a big piece and some juice while I held Lydia and studied her precious little features.

I am extremely appreciative of the support and expertise of the women of Full Circle Midwifery. Lydia was my second VBAC, an experience I may not have been blessed with had I chosen a hospital delivery.