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Keep your toddler in a rear-facing car seat until age 2 (not 1)
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April 2009
New research indicates that toddlers are more than five times safer riding rear-facing in a car safety seat up to their second birthday. Following are some safety tips for car seat
• All infants should ride rear-facing in either an infant car seat or convertible seat.
• If an infant car seat is used, the infant should be switched to a rear-facing convertible
car seat once the maximum height (when the infant’s head is within 1 inch of the top
of the seat) and weight (usually 22 pounds to 32 pounds) have been reached for that
infant seat as suggested by the car seat manufacturer.
• Toddlers should remain rear-facing in a convertible car seat until they have reached the
maximum height and weight recommended for the model, or at least the age of 2.
• To see if your car seat is installed properly and to find a certified passenger safety
technician in your area, visit or
fit ting/index.cfm. You also can call 866-SEATCHECK (866-732-8243) or 888-327-4236.
— Lori O’Keefe