Brock's Birth Story

I’m writing this down for all of you and for my own record as well. I’m EXTREMELY thankful to report that this birth story should be significantly shorter than Levi’s. From beginning to end I was only in labor with Brock for 2.5 hours. AWESOME! If you remember, I was in labor for 2.5 days with Levi. Big difference there.

It was another planned homebirth and going into it the second time I admit that I was a little more nervous because I had a better idea of what it was going to be like and I was dreading another long haul like I had with Levi. But we were 15 days overdue and I was ready. Those first two weeks being overdue I feel like I was able to keep a pretty good sense of humor although I did start to avoid being in public with people I knew (like church!) because I just got tired of all the comments: When are you going to have that baby?! You haven’t had that baby yet?! Blah, blah, blah. Here’s a big free tip of advice when speaking with an overdue pregnant woman- tell her she looks great and leave it at that! If you are concerned for her and/or have questions, ask someone else, not her. Anyways, moving on…

So the first 14 days were ok but day 15 really got to me. Everything and everybody was annoying. It was a Thursday night and Jim had a meeting in Hesperia (approx an hourish away). At 7pm I put Levi to bed and then I laid on the couch to put my feet up and was watching a little tv. Austin was on the phone calling family to get sponsorship for his March Read-A-Thon. About 7:30pm I started feeling some cramping that reminded me of the beginning of labor with Levi and funny enough it seemed to remain fairly regular. By 8pm when I put Austin to bed, I was breathing through the contractions. I texted Jim, “No rush but I think I’m starting”. In between the 4 minute apart contractions, I scurried around the house tidying up and getting some things in order. This is it I thought! I called my midwife around 8:30 as the intensity continued to pick up and the contractions stayed regular. She said things sounded good and to call her back in a half an hour. I called my friend Amy who we had arranged to be with me if Jim was gone when I went into labor. She hurried over. I also texted Jim again at 8:30 saying, “I think I want you to come home.” He replied “Do you want me to come now?” “Yes” I replied. I had Amy call the midwives again before the half hour was up- I wanted them to come. They were on their way- they were coming from approximately the same area that Jim was.

The contractions just kept coming and coming, stronger and stronger. Jim eventually made it there and that was a relief to me. Amy called the midwives to let them know that I was feeling “pushy”. Not that I HAD to push but was starting to feel the same sensations that I did with Levi when I began to push with him. I found out later that they started going 80 down the backroads the rest of the way! As it turned out, Jim arrived 45 minutes before Brock was born and the midwives arrived only 20 minutes before. I had great labor support though- I was squeezing Jim’s hands so hard he had to take his ring off because it was hurting so bad! Amy was busy rubbing my lower back through the contractions. And then all of a sudden my water broke and it was so cool. With Levi they had to break my water, but with Brock- whoosh and splash! Like a water balloon hitting the pavement. Amy even got splashed a bit- what a trooper!!

12 minutes laterr Brock was born at 10:08pm- only 2.5 hours from when the contractions had begun. It was such a quick and relatively easy labor…Praise the Lord! Crazy- all of a sudden we had a baby. You can even ask Jim, for the rest of the night and even into the next day, I just kept exclaiming how thankful I was that it was so short. I still can’t get over it! And I didn’t even tear- I was more determined this time to breathe easy while pushing and I believe I was successful.

So here he is! All 9lbs, 4oz and 20.75 inches of him! He is a sweetie and we are all loving him as we make the transition to a family of 5.

3 minutes old- with a giant flash in his face. Sorry little guy!