Colton's Birth Story

The decision to deliver at home followed a few interesting events. The biggest being that the hospital and doctor had some “serious” concerns about my birth plan where they felt many of the wishes listed would jeopardize the safety and health of the baby. I am not sure how an all natural birth with no medical intervention unless the baby’s or my health was at risk would jeopardize anyone’s safety, but I guess everyone has their opinion. It then became evident that if I was to have a sound mind at all about the birth of my baby boy, I needed to deliver him at home. So I called Patrice.

I called Patrice with “Full Circle Midwifery” two weeks before my due date and asked if it was too late to have a home birth. She said it is never too late until the baby was born. So a home birth I had, with her assistance and it was a decision well made. The birth went very well despite the insanity of the pain. The labor was shorter than my last but I believe it to have been more overall intense, painful, and hard. I dilated from a 3 to a 10+ in about 4 hours until my water broke, Colton dropped, and was delivered a half hour later. Colton was Born Sunday April 4th around noon weighing 8lb and measuring 21in Long. He is not only healthy, but also a very mellow and happy baby.

Life after the birth has been well. Healing has been literally a pain in the bottom, but other than that, it’s been easy breezy. Breastfeeding has been easy, and Colton for the most part has been as happy as a clam (not clown… thank you Bob). My mother in-law has been staying for the first two weeks to help which means not only am I getting plenty of sleep and not having to worry a bit about the kitchen, but my linen closet has never been as organized.

Thank you all for your prayers, support and congrats.