A Favorite Quote From a Birth Story

Not my client, but another home birther in West Michigan:

“The whole “natural childbirth” was something I had been afraid of. I mean, who wants to feel that kind of pain when you can do it pain free??? But I have to tell you, that moment, that I, without the help of a doctor, or pain-numbing medication gave birth to my daughter…it was the most empowering moment of my entire life! I know now that birth is not something that is meant to be feared or numbed. It’s meant to be felt with your entire heart and soul! And after 3 hospital births-all with epidurals I can say without a doubt that this one was the easiest birth of all! This birth was truly empowering and it has changed my life! I will never be the same again!”

Thank you, KBO, and your midwife, SP