Take a Fetal Love Break!

Have you seen babies melt into angelic smiles while giving rapt attention to their parents, who in turn are captured by this simple eye contact with their newly born infant? What you are seeing is a child receiving this wonderful message of love from his parents and sharing feelings of secure contentment. This is what I call a love message. Children thrive on them. Love is so important that babies can die without it.

You are all-important to your developing unborn child. You are your infant’s universe—the ultimate provider. What an awesome responsibility! Most women know this intuitively, and medical science is building clinical evidence that confirms how important you are. Now, you can send your love to your unborn child. I call these fetal love messages, and you send them to your unborn child during fetal love breaks.

 Use your brain chemistry to send love messages to your unborn baby

            Have you ever wondered how our emotions and feelings occur? Medical science tells us that emotions are sensations we perceive from our body’s reactions to molecules secreted from the primitive parts of our brains. Our thoughts determine which compounds our brains secrete into our bodies. When we feel peace and joy, one set of neurotransmitters is in our blood. When we feel angry or anxious, another different set is present. These compounds cross the placenta to the unborn child who shares the same feelings the mother is having. In this way mothers communicate to babies in the most intimate way— with their molecules of emotion—scientists call these neurotransmitters. I like to call them “messenger molecules.” Among the 120 neurotransmitters scientists know about, there are basically two types you should consider when sending fetal love messages. One set, called negative messenger molecules, is secreted into our blood stream and brain when we are angry, frightened, or anxious. Positive messenger molecules are secreted when we feel loved, secure, and/or peaceful.

 Learn to send your baby fetal love messages

            You can send fetal love messages to your unborn child via these messenger molecules. The best way to send the message is by taking several fetal love breaks a day. First, find some music that you enjoy and that makes you feel good. Listen to music that gives you the euphoric feeling of peace, joy and love. This may be religious, instrumental or a particular popular song that brings back happy memories. Play this music so your unborn baby can hear it (don’t use earphones) and then relax by taking several deep breaths while sitting or lying in a restful position. Fill your senses with a peaceful scene like a mountain lake or beach. Be sure to use all of your senses. See the ocean, hear the waves, feel the sand and sun, and smell the salt air. Be sure to use your sense of smell because it increases the number of messenger molecules flowing from the brain.

This may take some practice, but after several attempts you will start feeling your own body’s response to the mental picture. That’s when you know you are sending a fetal love message. I suggest you take a fetal love break for twenty minutes three or four times a day. This practice has many benefits to you and to your unborn child. It will program your child’s emotional temperament and give him/her the expectation of peace and love in his or her universe after birth.


Copyright by Dr. Fred Wirth at www.prenatalparenting.com