I Trust Birth

I trust birth like I trust the weather. The sun will rise most mornings and set most evenings. There will be 4 Seasons, give or take a couple. Sometimes there’s sunshine with gentle breezes, or cleansing soft white snow, or life-giving warm summer rains. But we all know there are also floods, lightening strikes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. There can be destruction, and grief.

Some times it’s appropriate to take shelter from the weather. Shelter can end up being just precautionary, but some times it’s life saving.

There are cold Springs and wet Springs and too-warm–too-early Springs, and still most seeds will eventually sprout and grow.

Weather can be nurturing or terrifying. If you ask me, I would say I still trust the weather.

Birth can be wondrous and filled with joy, or disastrous and leave you stricken with grief. I still trust Birth.

Both demand knowledge, some assistance, occasional shelter, the ability to discern, and most of all respect and appreciation for what is NORMAL.