Birth story of my 4th child

 August 11, 2013

After two induced and one natural labor at the hospital we decided to have our 4th baby at home. The movie “Business of giving birth” had something to do with this too. I didnʼt have any doctor until I was 30 weeks pregnant. Thatʼs when I got in contact with Patrice Bobier from Full Circle Midwifery. We were confident with our decision and Iʼm glad we made a good choice. So I was spending my last pregnancy days relaxing at the beach.

On my due date right around dinner time I started some contractions. They came in at about 10 min intervals and not very strong. I sent Patice an email letting her know whatʼs going on. Contractions didnʼt stop even after eating or whatever else I did, so I decided to go to bet and get some rest as I would need my energy when itʼs time to push. Nick filled up the birth tub with water. We had the AquaDoula one and it worked out nicely right in our dining room on the second floor. Nick was a bit apprehensive about having a pool on the second floor, but we took a chance.

To time my contractions I uploaded this handy app called Full Term Contraction Timer on my I-pod. It would register how long my contractions were and how far apart. So I did that with one eye open all night long every 7-10 minutes. And got some sleep.

Around 7 am the contractions were getting to about a minute long and much stronger than before, so I had Patrice call Barb to come and check me. I was 3 cm and about 50%, so I thought this could go on all day. I walked around some, but contractions were stronger so I decided to get some breakfast and stay in bed.

At around 10:30 am the contractions started coming in a little closer together, 6-7 min and lasted from 60-90 s. Patrice called me and I asked for Barb to come and check me again as she lives only 15 min away from us. I didnʼt want them all come if it still was too early. By the time Barb came, she just took one look at me without checking and said “you better get in the birth tub or it might be too late, Iʼm calling Patrice”. Apparently I was ready. I couldnʼt talk through the contraction, just breath or moan. At 11:15 I started pushing, at 11:37 the head was born and with the next contraction the baby came out, with a true knot on the cord! Barb paused to thank God for a healthy baby, I was touched by that and so happy to have my baby on my chest pinking right up!

In a few minutes we checked if it really was a girl as the ultrasound showed at 19 weeks. After three boys it was hard to believe we have a little baby girl! Nick was very happy everything went well. Then Patrice and Jennifer arrived. All three midwifes took such a good care of us. I am sure happy we did it at home. What a difference! I would recommend a home birth to anyone with a low risk pregnancy. And the water birth works much better then the one in the hospital bed with a pain shot.

Barb cut the cord after it was done pulsating and after placenta was born I got out of the tub and into my own bed, got some juice to drink,put the baby to the breast. She just latched right on. Later Patrice and Jennifer checked and measured the baby. Ananda was born at 7lb 10 oz and 21” long. We could not be any happier.

The boys were so excited to meet their new baby sister! Thank you Barb, Patrice and Jennifer for taking such a good care of us!