Nathan James ~~ Birth Story

“First I would like to say thank you to my midwives: Patrice Bobier, Laurie Zoyiopoulos, and Jennifer Holshoe. My Doula, Joy Looy (also my mother) and my husband! You were all a comfort and encouragement and I couldn’t have done it without you! THANK YOU!”

Nathan James Birth story

It was the night of October 3rd 2014. We were getting ready for bed after a special date night. We had talked that night about the changes soon to come. We are going to be parents, and soon! The reality of it all was dawning on us as we watched my round tummy moving with kicks and stretches. “He wants out!” From the very beginning of my pregnancy I had a feeling that the life growing inside of me was a boy. I always said “He” and when I talked to the baby I always thought of a baby boy in my heart. Somehow I knew even though we had no ultrasound.

Tyler went on to bed alone around 11:00 pm Friday night. I had been staying up later the last few nights due to being so uncomfortable trying to fall asleep. I spent this time alone in the evenings to relax and mentally prepare myself. I remember thinking back on my day and all that I had done. I had mopped the floors (On my hands and knees) Cleaned the fridge and deep cleaned the bathroom. Went shopping with Tyler and completely stocked up. Then went on a date and spent some much needed time with my husband 😉 We had all the birth supplies ready and waiting and everything for me and the baby ready and set out.

I rubbed my baby bump and told him that we were ready for him. He could come whenever he was ready.  I was relaxed there on the couch when I felt a feeling that I had felt before but this time was different. It was a sharp pain with lots of pressure on my pelvis. Usually it only lasted a moment but this time it was nearly 30 seconds. I relaxed again not thinking it was anything serious. I went into bed and finally started drifting off to sleep when I felt it. I felt what I thought was a Braxton hicks contraction, but no… this was different. Before I could think any more about it, a deep sleep overcame me.

4:45 am Oct. 4th 2014 10 days before due date

I woke suddenly to a very real, very strong contraction. Sitting up in bed I felt a “pop” standing up quickly I realized that sure enough, my water had broken. I went to the bathroom and tried to calm my nervous excitement! I texted my midwife and told her about my water breaking. She gave me some instructions and told me to start timing contractions. I then went and woke up Tyler.

“Tyler our baby is coming today. My water broke!!”

My contractions were consistently 3-4 mins apart lasting 1 min.

We ate some breakfast and I took a hot shower to help me relax through some contractions. Meanwhile Tyler was rearranging furniture and setting up the birth pool. My mom ( Joy Looy/ doula) was on her way as well as my midwives (Patrice Bobier, Jennifer Holshoe, and Laurie Zoyiopoulos…. Patrice and Laurie had both attended my birth 19 years before)


My mom arrived and I was on my birth ball, which I found, for me, was the most comfortable position to be in during a contraction. I was having back labor so my mom would put pressure on my lower back. That felt so good to me. Tyler brought me canned peaches and held my hand for a while.


The pool was almost done filling up at this point. Laurie arrived first and listened to his heartbeat. “Very strong” she said 😉 I was feeling very good with lots of energy and I knew I could do this! I was so excited to get into that pool though. They had to heat up some water on the stove to make it a good temperature. Patrice and Jenn came next and got everything ready.

I felt so strong and peaceful. My contractions were intense but I knew it was necessary to bring our baby into the world. I tried moving about the house. I went to the bed and then the couch, and back to birth ball. It felt so good to be able to just do what felt right to me.


The pool was finally ready! I stepped in and knelt down into the warm deep water. “Oh, It feels so good” 😉 I loved the freedom of movement it gave me and I felt safe and warm. Tyler rested his hand on my head and just knowing he was there comforted me. It felt amazing! I labored in there a while then got out and walked around. I could feel more pressure, so I went and used the bathroom and then came back to the pool.


I was really feeling pressure now and my contractions were changing and becoming stronger. I told my midwife that I think I feel like pushing! She came and checked me and I was 9cm dilated. She told me to try hard not to push yet! “What!! I have too” 😉 I managed to wait a few more contractions until I couldn’t wait any more! I NEEDED to push!

12:35pm baby’s heartbeat strong

Finally I was completely dilated (I did end up pushing a couple times before complete but Patrice held my cervix) I pushed hard; Oh did it ever feel good. I could feel the baby rotating and moving down! 😉 My contractions were strong and hard. I pushed so hard with each contraction and it felt so good to push. My back was hurting pretty bad in between so mom placed a hot water bottle on my back. That helped a lot. At this time I was very comfortable in a semi recline position in the pool. I loved being able to pick up my hips and sway them in between contractions.


(Sipping lots of juice and water). Patrice said that if we wanted we could feel the baby’s head! So Tyler felt him first it was such an amazing feeling and it gave me such confidence and strength knowing he was on his way. We felt him a few more times after every contraction. Tyler really liked that and he was so excited 😉

1:30pm heartbeat strong

Patrice told me that she could see the head! I was so excited and encouraged that it was going to be over soon! I was working so hard and I needed to know that I was actually making progress. Laurie was checking baby’s heartbeat often and there was no concerns there. “You’re so strong, Abby. You’re doing so well!” Jen was always so encouraging My mom continued to press on my lower back during contractions which helped tremendously and Tyler was always right by the side of the pool so I could reach out and hold his hand. 🙂


I continued pushing hard every single contraction. I wasn’t making very much progress in the pool so we decided that I should try pushing on the toilet. Walking was so uncomfortable now and I was getting tired. I thought about other births. I have heard about how they only

pushed three times and out comes the baby.. Dang, I’m at like push 50 or more by now haha. This baby was either really big, really stubborn, or both 😉 during the next hour my contractions spaced out to four-five minutes apart. I was thankful for this because it gave me a chance to rest to get my strength back. His heartbeat was still strong and my blood pressure was good. I moved from the bathroom to our bed on my side and then tried the birthing stool.

4:00pm is this ever going to be over?

Laurie and Tyler added more hot water to the pool and I sank back into its warmth. In my head I was started to have doubts and fears. I looked at my husband and he was my strength. My midwives were all there smiling and encouraging me. My mom gave me sips of water and held my hand.

I smiled up at them all. “I CAN do this” I suddenly got surges of strength and determination. I knew I would be holding our baby soon. Laurie gave me straps to pull on as I pushed semi reclined in the pool. That was amazing and it really helped me. I never realized I was so strong!!! (My mom gave me a cold wet washcloth that I liked to bite down on during contractions. One time I almost bite her finger when she gave it to me!! Opps 😉

My contractions are strong and very close together!

I got out of the pool because I needed to continue to change positions. I reached down to touch my baby’s sweet head and I was so excited. I got on the birth stool and I was determined to get our baby out of me!

Baby’s heart rate went way down suddenly. I could see the concern on Patrice’s face. ”ok, we need to move” she said. I was not scared but motivated once more. I got up and went to our bed quickly and as I made my way there I could feel the baby shift and move down! Praise God!


I got on my side and grabbed Tyler’s hand and Patrice rested my leg over her shoulder. I pushed for all I was worth and I could definitely feel way more pressure. By 4:52pm our baby was crowning. WOW was that ever painful. I can honestly say I hadn’t really felt pain until that moment. The feeling came as a welcome relief though because I knew I was so close,

finally! They showed me in a mirror but I only looked for a second 😉 I could see the look of amazement on Tyler’s face! He was close by and that gave me strength.


Patrice made sure that she didn’t let me push too hard and helped his head come slowly. My mom had to help me breath slow and quick so I wouldn’t push too hard. He rotated and his head was born. I had a moment of pressure release which was so nice. One more push and his shoulders started to come, then…they didn’t! He really was stubborn 😉 Patrice assisted the baby during next contraction and rotated him; he rotated back 😉 He was one stubborn baby! One shoulder came then, arm….wait.. why his arm? That’s right, the little stinker had his arm up and across his neck and holding onto his right shoulder! So, that’s why he took so long! He then came sliding out to his waist. I wasn’t expecting that! I thought he would just come right after the shoulders but, no. He had to be stubborn just one more time 😉 He wanted to hold us in suspense to find out if he really was a boy!

4:59pm the moment that we have been waiting for!!

He took a breath and let out a cry! That sound is so amazingI had one more contraction and I pushed his little butt out 😉

“IT’S A BOY!!” Tyler said. Definitely with pride

“I know! I told you he was a boy ;)” Patrice set our son on my chest and I just looked at him in amazement! He was so beautiful and he is ours! Tyler looked at us and was so proud. Our son was finally with us!

He was as pink as a baby could be and so alert. He nursed a little but he was tired after everything he had been through. He was crying so Tyler cut the cord and he held his son in his arms for the very first time. He calmed right down and just stared up at his daddy. We were so proud

Nathan James Houpt 22 1/2in long and 9lbs 11 oz