Khrestion Jeremiah

Soon after I found out I was pregnant, a friend told me she had a dream I was pregnant with a boy a few weeks prior to me finding out I was pregnant. During the pregnancy I had two other friends tell me I was having a boy and he would be prophetically gifted.
(I have never found out gender with any pregnancy, I cherish the surprise!)
A week after I found out I was pregnant I had cramping and bleeding that I thought at first was going to be a miscarriage. It actually lasted until December.
The next month I started having crazy painful contractions. I knew it wasn’t labor, I notice there is a definite difference. These crazy contractions continued throughout the pregnancy. I also had some bleeding again in April which my midwife advised an ultrasound to check what might be going on. The Dr.s, being who they are and what they’re trained for- to find something wrong, said this might be wrong or that, etc. but nothing they could say was definite. They advised to see a specialist in Grand Rapids. In which I did not.
The last Tuesday before the birth, I saw my midwife. My iron was soo low that she said I couldn’t do a home birth with it that low and sent me directly over to the hospital for testing to check for internal bleeding or other causes iron would be soo low. I am so beyond grateful that they are so caring and compassionate for the well being of families. And smart and trained to identify when mainstream medical care is needed. One of the midwives even went with me to the hospital.
However, this news made me a wreck, I left her in tears. So much fear, about everything. Soo many thoughts I’ve never before had presented themselves. I never had really doubted before this point that something might really go wrong or not be right. But, now, agh, now!!!
What if something happens to me, what about my other children? How in the world could Jeff or anyone else care for them without me? How would they feel not having me!? My poor sweet babies! To be motherless?! And a newborn, what about this precious new life?
Then! A song playing on the radio resonates, I am a child of God! No longer a slave to fear! The verse Jeremiah 29:11 is repeated over and over in my thoughts and I meditate on that.
Of course the visit at the hospital bestows soo much more fear. Sparing all the details. But praise God, my iron actually had went up by the time they took their tests. (Still not high enough to where my midwife likes it to be….). Other blood levels were off, and they advised not only against a home birth but also a vaginal birth and again suggested a specialist in Grand Rapids. I did not.
Upon walking out of the hospital to the parking lot, I felt the baby drop, it stopped me. And I told my midwife that was with me, ooh the baby just dropped. Now to pray for no labor for awhile!
My midwife suggested to get retested on the next Monday before my visit with her on Tuesday to check iron and all the other levels again.
On Friday morning though I thought I had better go in that day in case I went in labor before the weekend was over!
Thank God for that unction!
I went in Friday afternoon. Tended to by nurses that don’t really know me. (They were all very kind, there is no personal relationship though. They don’t know & care for me or our family like our midwives do). So lying there in a bed that’s not my own, in an unfamiliar place without being able to move freely with all these cords, wires and so on strapped to me! Aagh! I know my blood pressure was up! There is NO way I could deliver there, or anywhere but my own home!
Thank God my iron was up a little more (not yet normal, but up) and all else back to normal! Thank God for answering prayers! I called my midwife and she said she was more comfortable now that it was going up (although still not quite where it is most desired to be) to do a home birth. She told me to talk to Jeff and decide what we wanted to do.
Saturday I had a huge burst of energy, cleaned the whole house. Sunday we went to church and a birthday party right after.
The entire time while at the party I kept telling Jeff I just wanted to go home. I felt fine, just felt like I needed to be home. Definitely not my normal social self. And with very dear friends I usually love to hang out with. I ended up sitting in my van for a long time, until Jeff and the lils were ready to go. Haha.
We got home about 8 or 9. Jeff left to get gas to mow the lawn before the rain was going to come. I had to empty the van and take care of food and clothes and do bedtime rituals myself. Ugh. All I wanted to do was goto bed myself.
I finally went to bed a lil before midnight. Got up about 1:30 to use bathroom, and told Jeff to go to bed. At this time thoughts started going through my head about when labor would start. This time I wanted to have my hair n makeup done, a cute outfit, and food ready. (I planned on having a photographer friend here this time).
Well I should’ve acted on those thoughts.
The next time I got up to use bathroom at 4 am I had a lil tiny bloody show. And I just thought to myself, no, no, no this can’t be labor. Not yet. I went back to bed. A few minutes later, THEN, I had a contraction and knew I was in labor. I told Jeff I was in labor, his reply was give me five more minutes. I told him no, he better call Patrice. so he did. It was about 430. I layed in bed trying to sleep it away. That didn’t work, and the sounds woke up the two lils. Realizing I wasn’t gonna be able to sleep it away I texted our naturopath and friend for photos and we all got up. I got my makeup bag out, but instantly had more intense contraction and couldn’t put it on or the cute outfit! Or prepare food. Haha.
Walking out of bathroom I noticed one of our midwives Barb just arrived. She checked babies heart tones, then I leaned over table swaying during contractions. Things moved fast. It was only about 530. our naturopath, other midwives and my mom all showed up within a few minutes later, I think.
Our naturopath did some massage during contractions while I leaned over table while Jeff and midwives prepared birthing pool. It could not be ready soon enough.
I noticed Kaieliana running back n forth being her boisterous self and I yelled to my mom to keep her in the living room. Haha. I kept asking if the birth tub was ready. They kept telling me almost. Finally Patrice told me to get in. She said it’s not as high as you like but we’re adding more water. As I got in, she suggested squatting position. I tried for a second but no way, not comfortable. I got on knees and leaned over the side, the way I was leaned over table. Yay, better. Body had a few pushing contractions and within fifteen minutes of getting in, baby was born, at 644 am. so fast we forgot to get the camera out, forgot to call the lils and my mom in til after baby was born. When they came in, Kierceson asked if it was a boy or girl so I checked and said a boy.
He threw his hands up and said hallelujah the Lord answered our prayers.
Yes He did. God is sooo good. We are so thankful and so blessed!
Every one of our prayers were answered.
a fast labor and delivery,
a very healthy 9lb 6 oz baby boy,
delivered peacefully and perfectly at home,
surrounded and welcomed by those with a real genuine love for us.
We are forever thankful for our amazing team.
We are so happy to announce our new precious lil blessing
Khrestion Jeremiah
(Khrestion: a variation of Christian, and Jeremiah because no doubt this lil boy is set aside for God, He has great plans for this life!)