Lincoln’s Birth 12.10.17

Birth Report

Parent’s Names: Thomas and Joselyn Lyons
Baby’s Name and Birthday: Lincoln Gabriel Lyons born 12.10.17 @ 10:11pm
This baby was your second baby and your second home birth.
Address: 2692 165th Ave Morley, MI 49336

Why did you choose to have your baby at home?

Women have been giving birth for thousands of years in the comfort of their own home, no reason not to continue doing so. Unnecessary medical intervention is far too common.

Describe your labor and birth.

This entire pregnancy was night and day different from my first. The physical complications were very difficult for me to deal with, nearly from the start. The last half of the first trimester I was exhausted, completing typical daily chores was very difficult. I do not recall vomiting but my sense of smell was ultra sensitive and I was nauseous a lot. I had several miscarriage scares and basically put myself on bed rest for several months. Second trimester was much better but not great. Third trimester went back to exhausted along with a lot of issues with my hips and pelvis. Frequent chiropractic adjustments were a blessing the last 2-3 weeks. Unlike the first pregnancy, however, this second one was planned and it was a joy to be able to look forward to what I knew was coming to be. Who knew purchasing cloth diapers and covers could be so lovely and exciting ; )

I was increasingly crampy the two weeks leading up to labor and had increasingly intense lower back pain as well throughout the week prior. It was only alleviated by lying down then it usually completely stopped. It started again if I was on my feet too long, which was anywhere from only a few minutes to an hour. I basically spent most of the week lying down. Cramping was stronger than normal the morning of but it wasn’t until around 11am that I began to take note and not until 2-3pm and during a game of Yahtzee (in which our five year old was kicking our butts) that I realized that they were so close together and were actual contractions. This is when I started to record durations and they were regularly 3-7 minutes apart. With Thomas working out of town throughout the week, I was SO grateful that little Lincoln chose to come on a Sunday evening when he was still home!

The midwives had been contacted casually and although it did not feel urgent, Patrice knew better. Given the time apart she decided to get things slowly going around 6pm. It did not begin to feel urgent until around 7ish and I sent an update text. Good thing they were already on their way because things went fast after that. Kendra arrived around 7:20pm and I was already in active labor swaying, bending over, using the exercise ball and a stool. Kneeling on the floor and arms on our small stool was the best position. Similar to our first birth on hands and knees, there really was no other position comparable this time either. Dorothy checked status at 8:25pm, I was 3cm and 75% effaced already. I was so happy, this was going MUCH faster than the first! By 9:22pm I was in the birthing tub with Thomas as amazingly supportive as always and pushing already by 9:35pm. Seemed like this baby was coming like a freight train! Counter pressure on the perineum was a great help making it feel much better and assisting with little to no tearing again. I felt baby’s head at 10:02pm, he fully crowned at 10:11pm, and Lincoln Gabriel Lyons came immediately following! His APGAR was 9 and he was 8#3oz, 13.5” head, and 20” long. He seemed so tiny but he had HUGE hands and feet with fingers and toes that seemed to stretch on forever, surely this boy is a pianist right from the start! LOL. His hairy ear lobes were my favorite though, my little wolverine. They had these tufts of hair starting from both the top and bottom that meet in the middle with a point. Absolutely adorable! : D It is amazing how much you absorb about your new little one in the first few minutes post birth. Thomas cut the umbilical cord at 11:05pm.

At the time I thought it was pregnant mom’s paranoia but the last few months or so I had an increased feeling of the cord being wrapped around baby’s neck. I spent considerable time sending positive thoughts and energy to unwrapping and willing baby to be still. Come to find out, all vitals during and after labor were good but it was wrapped once. In Thomas’ words, “When she realized, Dorothy dove in like a she was fighting a shark! Her hands and arms were moving around so quickly but she wasn’t in any kind of panic, just straight calm.” Our midwives were amazing, strong, and capable. We would not want to give birth in any other setting nor in any other way if possible. We are VERY grateful for them and that our wee man was born happy, healthy, and doing well!

Not tired at all, I felt great at this point. There’s definitely something to giving birth at a normal time of day! We enjoyed our time together for an hour while waiting for the placenta. Once again however, to our great disappointment, my placenta remained firmly attached. With both Dorothy pulling on the cord so hard and me pushing so hard, how in the world did my entire uterus not come flying out?? No, naturally I would be one who would need medical intervention yet again, right; good thing I packed a hospital bag this time. We opted to forgo trying Pitocin and Patrice, Dorothy, and I left at 11:30pm for another, less urgent, ride to the hospital. Thomas was left at home with a newborn again only this time we had already gone over cloth diapering 101 earlier and Kendra was still there to finish up and help.

We were to the hospital by 11:55pm, I was feeling good and walked in. Dr. Schugars did not examine until 12:50am. The horrendous pain caused by the medical exam and urine catheter placement seemed to be far more painful than giving birth kid you not. Thank GOD Dorothy and Patrice were by my side. I was exhausted at this point but SO happy and relieved when Thomas and Lincoln arrived at 1:15am prior to surgery. I was pretty much out of it while the midwives worked on getting Lincoln latched; and he finally did for the first time at 1:59am and nursed for 30 minutes! I went to surgery for another D&C at 2:35am, was in recovery by 3:25am, and back in our room together by 4:10am. I was actually feeling great at this point but among the post medications they opted to give was Hemabate. It caused a terrible extremely shocky reaction that I would never want to go through again; apparently this is a normal and common reaction. Why anyone would purposely use that drug in a non-emergent situation is beyond me. We were still able to get back home by 10:30am and that was wonderful!! Total blood loss was estimated at only six cups, last time it was ten. Hemoglobin was already normal by the time we left (11.7), last time it took three weeks and even that was abnormally fast as well. With the only true soreness being my back from the spinal given for surgery, I recovered quickly at home. Hemoglobin dipped to 8.2 on 12.13.17 at a following check up with midwives but I felt good and all remained well following. Lincoln was also doing great and nursing very well.

What was your favorite part of your baby’s birth?

The immediate instant physical change/relief after he came out. It was more sharply noticeable and appreciable this second birth, our bodies are truly amazing things. I also really looked forward to being able to move again. : )

What would you do differently if you had another baby?

Hope for no post birth complications AGAIN. How grand it would be to just enjoy baby and be able to go to sleep afterwards!

How can we improve our services?

Nothing, you were all great as usual. I very much appreciate the support, time, and protection you provided staying in the hospital with us until everything settled. I also appreciated the efforts expended to get baby to latch as quickly as possible. I have no doubt that helped tremendously with how well he nurses now.