Freya’s Birth

Freya’s Birth Story:

​It was November 6th, my due date and also my mom’s birthday. The question of the day was, “Will Freya make her entrance today?” (side note: my daughter Lilith came on her due date all on her own–naturally, no inductions, interventions, etc, so we often wondered throughout my pregnancy with Freya if she would come on her due date just like big sister did.)

The day progressed just like any other day and there were no signs labor would be imminent. Around 1:40pm I headed to the bathroom for the zillionth time that day, and when I sat down on the toilet I heard and felt a “pop” inside of me. (My water broke with Lilith’s labor and it sounded exactly the same as this so I knew instantly what had happened.) I was so glad to be on the toilet too because water started trickling out hahah. So many thoughts and emotions rushed through me. I was nervous and excited at the same time…I was going to meet my third daughter soon!

After using the bathroom, I got a hold of my midwife Patrice (of Full Circle Midwifery). She told me to keep her posted and I did. Contractions started 30-45 minutes later. They were tolerable, very irregular, and had no distinct length or pattern. Things were moving slowly so I decided to take a nap with my girls to try to get my mind off of things. Trying to nap was impossible. I was just too excited and my mind would not stop racing. I think I got up from my “nap” around 4:30pm. Things were still moving slow so I hopped on my exercise ball to try to speed labor up.

Around 5:30-5:45ish everything changed. Out of nowhere contractions started happening every 2 minutes, lasting at least a minute long, and were very intense. I got a hold of Patrice and told her it was time to come. Since she and my other midwife Dorothy live over an hour from Manistee, they got in contact with Jennifer Cameron (CNM and owner of Transitions Women’s Wellness in Manistee) to have her come over first since she lives closer. I also got in contact with my sister to have her come over and watch my girls while I labored.

At this point I decided to move from the ball to the couch so I could relax better. I put my hypnobirthing training to work and breathed through every single contraction. I also repeated birth affirmations to myself in my head. (You’ll see in some of the photos below that I had birth affirmations up on the walls of my house.) Things started getting really intense and for a little bit I was somewhat worried that Freya was going to make her entrance before any midwives arrived haha.  Shortly after, Jen arrived, which was such a relief! My sister arrived a half hour later and then shortly after that Patrice and Dorothy showed up. By that time I had moved to the bed.

Around 8:15pm I started feeling a little pushy and felt pressure in my butt. Once the push contractions really got going, the urge to get on my hands and knees swept over me, so that’s what I did. I moved from the bed to the floor. I breathed through every single push, repeating over and over in my head that, “I can do this,” “I’m going to see my baby soon,” and “it’s not pain, it’s power.” At one point, Freya was too deep in my pelvis for a heartbeat to be heard. Even though I knew it wasn’t much of a concern, it somewhat scared me, so I pushed even harder. I wanted her out ASAP haha!

All while I was pushing, David was doing light touch massage on my back, and let me tell you, it was amazing. He kept encouraging me and telling me I was doing great and it seriously was so perfect. At one point as I was pushing, I looked up and smiled. I was just so happy that I’d be meeting my baby so very soon. I pushed for approximately 45 minutes and at 9:03pm, Freya Jacey Burns was born. As soon as she was out, I had David get my sister and our two daughters from the other room so they could meet Freya. The girls were soooo tired but so excited to meet their little sister. It was seriously the sweetest moment ever.

David cut Freya’s cord shortly after I birthed the placenta. Soon after that I moved back up to the bed. Freya got her first diaper change as well as got measured and weighed. My squishy little nugget weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces; she is my biggest babe yet! No wonder I constantly felt her in my ribs and down in my pelvis while I was pregnant with her.

Being able to have a successful first home birth as well as a successful second VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), was the most amazing, rewarding, healing experience ever! Some may find the idea of having a home birth scary, but for me and my family it was the least scary, most calm and perfect birth ever. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you again to my amazing birth team! You all rocked!
My partner David Burns & sister Felicia Marquand
Midwives Patrice Bobier & Dorothy Vandezande at Full Circle Midwifery
Midwife Jennifer Cameron at Transitions Women’s Wellness Center