The Birth of Eden:

I’d been up all night with a nasty stomach flu, cancelled my chiropractor and midwive appointments for the day and hoped to get a little more rest. I noticed my first serious contraction sometime between 10 and 10:30. All but one of my midwives were at a birth, but I was able to get a hold of Dot who encouraged me to just rest and hydrate. I was hoping and praying that the dehydration and exhaustion were just setting me off a little bit- the first day I WASN’T saying, “it’d be a great day to have this baby!” My mom came and got the boys so I could get the rest I needed, I insisted that I wasn’t in labor and laid down. After a half an hour of intensifying contractions, i got in the shower and then texted Dot again. We decided it would be best for her to come see me. From my shower, I made a pot of tea quick while Kenrick worked on airing up the pool. I suddenly had the urge to push. I made it out to the bedroom, threw down some blue pads, knelt beside the bed and called Dot on speaker phone and told her, ” this baby is coming now!” The next contraction, my water broke and Kenrick helped me into the empty pool. Dot assured us she was on the road and coming quickly! She coached me through the next few contractions, while Kenrick ran between them to pour pots of water around me, trying to get the temperature regulated. He gave me support and we delivered her head just as I heard Dot’s car door. She came in, told me that she could see the baby making faces and fussing and my next push, she guided the body out. 12:20pm.
Just shy of two hours, maybe nine inches of water in the pool, not a single sip of tea, not a single lit candle, my friend and midwife arriving a whole two minutes in time… This was not the way I was visualizing this birth, to say the least! 😂
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us. All the prayers for a speedy delivery were very much indeed answered.