The Birth of Keven

Birth Report

Parents:  Kristin and Joseph Dronchi

Baby’s Name and Birthday:  Keven Joseph Michael Dronchi   July 12, 2021

This baby was my 1st baby and my 1st home birth.

Address:  2590 S. Osborn, Fremont, MI  49412

Why did you choose to have your baby at home?

When I found out I was pregnant I originally wanted a home/natural birth after doing some research. I also wanted to labor and birth in water and realized that most hospitals didn’t allow the baby to be birthed in water.

I wanted the labor and birth to be as close to possible as natural as it could be knowing that God prepared and created the women’s body and baby to instinctively know what to do.   Plus, there was no way I wanted to be induced or have the hospital not respect our wishes on certain things we wouldn’t do or make me feel bad for not following what they deem was “normal”.

I was told that a home birth was out of the question due to my age, so I just agreed thinking they know best and I wanted the best for the baby and to be honest it kind of terrified me thinking about a home birth (because I had no information on it at first.)  

So, we choose a midwife through Spectrum and choose the natural birthing center at Spectrum.  I was still told that at 40 weeks they would talk about inducing (because of my age again) if the baby hadn’t come yet; and I still would be refusing that unless it was a medical emergency.

It was still in the back of my mind to have a home birth but didn’t know if we could afford being that insurance didn’t cover it.  I briefly started researching and connecting myself to social media groups and people around me who had home births to get information in case we decided to change to a home birth.

I hired a doula, and I also went through a hypno-birthing class to learn how to use the power of my mind over the pain and situation to hopefully have an all-natural birth without medication.

Then when COVID restrictions weren’t letting up and I saw two mom’s birth story’s on Instagram where the hospital kept their child from them for a few days up to a week (not in Michigan) due to covid or refusing the covid vax or refusing to be tested….   Among other research and testimonies, I was seeing regarding certain things with covid; I decided I did not want to be in a hospital at this time at all.   

Long story short, we decided to hand it over to God and go down the route of a home birth at around 28 weeks and prayed for guidance.  My mother in law, who had no idea we were going back and forth sent me a message out of the blue and said “I think you should consider a home birth again” – that was all the confirmation we needed. 

Our research and asking around led to Patrice and Full Circle Midwifery.  We are very thankful God led us to her and her team.  They are very knowledgeable, experienced and have huge hearts. 

I was “due” July 7th but throughout the time he was measuring a tad small so I figured we would have him about a week later – which we did.   I am thankful for choosing the route of a homebirth and not be pressured into being induced because of my age and “being overdue”.  

Baby came at the right time orchestrated by God.  

The morning of July 12th at about 12:20 am I started having major pains that felt like really bad menstrual cramps.  I didn’t realize that is how labor would start, even though it’s probably different for everyone.  I thought the contractions would come on strong and stay and intensify.  So, I wasn’t sure if this was labor or not, but the cramping got worse and kept coming. 

I remember thinking to myself, everyone says to try and sleep through the early stages of labor but there was no freaking way I was sleeping through these “cramps”.  

The time from 12:20 to around 4 went pretty fast looking back, even though it didn’t feel like it.  

At around 4 am I contacted my doula and got her enroute to our home.  Sometime between 1 am and 4 am I contacted Patrice, my midwife as well.

Doula, Savannah arrive about 5:15 am and took over communicating with the midwife, which was great.  My water broke shortly after that.

Savannah contacted the midwifes and they all showed up soon as well.  

Once Joe had completed filling the birthing tub I remained in the tub through the labor.  Joe and Savannah remained by my side helping keep me hydrated, reminding me to breath and not tense up.   The midwives were monitoring the baby’s heart rate. 

Really the only thing I kept thinking through labor was “how long is this going to take” lol… I just wanted it to be done.   I utilized the home birthing visualization and just kept focusing on visualizing the end goal – baby in my arms.  I was focused on only that.  

Honestly, I just let my body and baby do the work.  They both were created to know what to do.  I wasn’t really in a lot of pain, it was tolerable, but it didn’t feel great. 

Towards the end, I could feel and sense the time was drawing near.  Patrice and her team were amazing!  I am so thankful to have found them.  At 8:20 am Baby Keven was born.  They quickly unwrapped the cord, it was wrapped around him one time and then they placed him in my arms.

I remember Joe saying, there’s your baby look…  I couldn’t even look down into my arms yet at that time. I was just taking in everything that happened and honestly couldn’t believe that the 9 months had gone that fast and I successfully had a home birth.  It was honestly very overwhelming in a good way. I do remember telling Joe that I was never doing that again… ha.ha. (which I am not)

I am not sure how long time past but Joe cut the cord after it was done sending all the blood and nutrients back to Baby Keven.   I would like to note – that we still did NOT have a name for the baby at that time. 😊  It took us about 3 days to decide we would name him after all the grandpa’s. 

Joe held baby Keven for a few minutes as the midwives helped me from the tub onto the couch where I proceeded to rest and eventually nurse Baby Keven.

My favorite part of the birth I would have to say was the very end. It was over… and I felt very empowered.  Jeesh – if I can do that… I can do anything.  (I am sure all women feel that way – if not they should).  Also the knowing that you can control your mind to overcome pain, discomfort and push through to the outcome you desire.

The midwifes told me that I had a pretty fast labor, only 1 hour of pushing.  I had nothing to compare it to, being that this is my first, but that made me feel good because through out the pregnancy that is what I was speaking forth, praying for and visualizing.  A fast, pain free as possible, safe labor. 

I don’t think I would do anything differently IF we had another baby – but we aren’t. He completes our 4 person, now 5 person family. I guess if I had to pick something it would be that I would NOT eat whatever I wanted in the beginning. I am sure I gained some unnecessary weight. 

Full Circle Midwifery was amazing, and their services are top notch! I would highly recommend them to anyone, and I would highly recommend a home birth to every woman!  If we were to do it again, we would be going the same route and using them again.