The Privilege To Witness by Laurie Zoyiopoulos

Something I wrote a couple of years ago after a home VBAC….. Yesterday I was a midwife more than a baby catcher. Some think that the 2 are always the same, but I know that they are not. Most of the time I catch a baby as the mother pushes him out into my hands. […]

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Sova's birth

As I grew more round and ripe, I greeted my due date with anticipation that others lacked.  My son was born two and a half weeks past his due date.  So, with my second pregnancy others were more patient.  I trusted my body and how I was feeling, very ripe and ready. I lost my […]

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Amy's Birth Story

The Birth of Amy Rose On April 7th, I woke up at 11pm, after half an hour of sleep, to my first real contraction. Knowing the most important thing I could do in early labor was rest, I tried to go back to sleep. I was able to doze but contractions were every 10-20 minutes, […]

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Lydia's Birth Story

Lydia Grace Roberson’s Birth Story My estimated delivery date was June 1st. I’d been having tons of Braxton-Hicks contractions all through the pregnancy, and as May progressed, I didn’t really notice any additional changes in their frequency, as I had with my two other pregnancies. I had an appointment with Patrice at noon on May […]

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Naomi Hope's Birth Story

Naomi Hope Roberson’s birthday – 12/26/08 I had some false labor on Sunday, 12/20, which thankfully turned out to be nothing because there was another awful snowstorm that night. Nothing much happened for the next few days. We spent Christmas day at my parent’s house. I was really uncomfortable and felt lots of low pressure […]

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Theia's Home Birth

I am finally getting around to posting Theia’s birth story. I said over six months ago that I would do this, but haven’t felt very motivated till now since I knew it would take awhile. I’m sorry its so long. But not as sorry as I was at the time, I assure you. I had been having […]

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Ellie's Birth Story

The Birth of Ellie Kay  Here’s a little background on me: My first birth was a disaster. I was unnecessarily induced at 41 weeks because my doctor told me it was time to “get this baby out”, and I, being the naive first-time, trusting woman I was, believed her. After 4 doses of Cytotec (which […]

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Some birth stories from a Midwife's perspective:

Had 2 births yesterday. The first was a 2nd home birth.   SRM  Thursday morn, 10am.  Leaked clear fluid all that day and part of the  next.  Bloody show and a few contrx. early am on Saturday.  She just  went about her business – did the same thing with her first baby so  wasn’t the least bit concerned.  She’s never had […]

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Annabelle Sue's Birthday

Why did you choose to have your baby at home? I wanted to have a natural birth because I believe it is the best and safest for both the baby and Mom. The midwife I had for my first baby (in the hospital) retired. After doing research I felt it was safer to have a […]

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A Walk in the Park (or, Ingrid's Birth Story)

My Labor Day started pretty much like any other day on this babymoon, except I quickly noticed that my contractions were coming with something closer to regularity than they had thus far. But, this being our vacation and already having a busy day planned, I opted to ignore this fact. By the time we got […]

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Aria Dei's Birth Day

Aria Dei Cousineau Born into this world: May 23, 2008 12:29 A.M. 6 lbs 13 oz; 20 inches Her name (pronounced: Ahr-ee-uh Day) means “Song of God”. Big Sissy, Liberty, was a part of the entire home-birth and helped to “cut the chord” with Daddy. She can’t seem to hold or kiss Aria enough.. Daddy […]

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Maxwell Wallace Knowlton's Birth Story

This baby was our 2nd baby and 2nd home birth. Why did you choose to have your baby at home? I wanted to welcome him into the world with all of his family around, including his 5 yr. old brother Felix. I knew my wishes would be respected by the midwives; I felt no pressure, […]

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Reece Miles Birth Story

It started just after dinner, I was feeling what I thought were just Braxton hicks contractions but they were also causing some downward pressure, but I didn’t think too much about them, so we made ice cream and went to bed.  I also began to have blood tinged mucous.  After being woken up several times […]

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Josiah Evert Kortman's Birth-Day

We are tremendously thankful to our Father in heaven for the blessing of our new son, Josiah Evert Kortman, born Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 11:25pm. He weighed 8lb. 11oz. and measured 21″ long. Josiah, meaning ” God will save”, is named after the 16th king of Judah who followed God wholeheartedly despite previous kings […]

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Eliza's Birth Story

I had putzy contractions for a few days and all through my official due date of July 6. I went to bed that night with contractions that quickly became regular, though not painful or real close. Nevertheless I couldn’t sleep through them so I got Jessie up at two and we decided to go for […]

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Seth Michael Roberson’s Birth-day

Contractions started about 5pm on Thursday, December 21st. They started out a very regular 10 minutes apart, but they were certainly not strong. I didn’t even bother to call Patrice because I knew she’d say go to bed and try to rest. I continued to feel them all night long, but I did manage to […]

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Sydney's Birth-Day

I’m not even sure where to start. How about the beginning? Michel and I were mortified when we found out we were having a kid. A living, breathing human we would be responsible for for the rest of our lives. I just have to describe what a blessing everybody at Full Circle was during the […]

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Paul Henry Olson's Birth-Day

I awoke at 5:00am having contractions & thought this might finally be it!  They kept happening so I timed them at 5 minutes apart & called Patrice at 6:30 am to let her know this was the day!  I called Andy at work to let him know & he arrived home at 7:30.  The birthing […]

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Benjamin Peter Wilson's Birth-Day

I went into labor the evening of Aug. 16th.  We ate a late supper, rushed the kids over to grandma & grandpa Wilson’s for the night and waited.  I felt rushed & tense & was glad to have quiet in the house.  Contractions were about 10 min. apart, but I was up straightening & cleaning […]

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Simeon Robert Swanson's Birth-Day

I had expected to go post-dates as I usually have.  But my water broke 2 days before my due date.  I had a very few, mild contractions that night & next day.  My husband & I went to sleep the evening my water broke & worked on filling the birth tub in the wee hours […]

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Paul James Troyer's Birth-Day

I awoke at 2:00 am feeling the first contractions.  Waited an hour then woke David and soon called Patrice.  Nothing serious just to let her know.  Barb was here at 8:40 to check things out & left again.  Heather was here for awhile & got me situated sitting backwards on a chair with David rubbing […]

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Ava Moon Renna's Birth-Day

The labor and birth was amazing.  It was much better that I ever expected.  I had scattered light contractions throughout the day on the 15th starting after my appointment with Patrice.  I wasn’t actually even sure they were contractions, but I assumed they were because I had been bleeding since the 13th (we weren’t ever […]

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Baby Reed's Birth-Day

My water broke at about 1:30 a.m.  I was surprised at how much it gushed.  The thought that ran through my head was, if that much fluid is coming out that must mean that the babies head is not very low and this is going to take a long time.  I wasn’t having any pains […]

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Anna Joy Roberson’s Birth-Day

Our estimated delivery date was 10/16/03 (a Thursday). Mike, Levi (then 2 ½ yrs old) and I spent the evening walking through Home Depot and Meijer. I had been having lots of Braxton-Hicks and it felt good to think something might actually be happening. We went home about 10pm and slept peacefully all night. That […]

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