Paul James Troyer's Birth-Day

I awoke at 2:00 am feeling the first contractions.  Waited an hour then woke David and soon called Patrice.  Nothing serious just to let her know.  Barb was here at 8:40 to check things out & left again.  Heather was here for awhile & got me situated sitting backwards on a chair with David rubbing my back.  Contractions still 5-7 minutes apart, so I could rest well in between. 

Was feeling a little pushy at 1:00 pm & Patrice was soon here.  Barb & Heather came sometime later.  Was dilated 6-7 cms. at 1:30.  Stayed on chair till 2:40 then moved to bed.  Contractions still 4-6 min. apart.  Awhile later I go up again, used bathroom and moved around, then back to bed again.  After pushing for approx. 2 hours our baby boy was born.