Jennifer Holshoe, CPM, LM


I am a mother to three amazing little girls ages 12, 14 and 16 years old. I live with them and my husband in Grand Rapids. All hospital born, I had a very different birth experience with each of my children ~ a fast natural birth, a c-section, then a VBAC with an epidural; a very long labor, after planning a homebirth. Thru all of this I learned so much about the importance of loving support throughout the process, and that home birth with a skilled attendant is a safe, supportive and beautiful way to give birth.

I worked as a doula, supporting women who birth in the hospital for the last 6 years, and studying midwifery for the last 4 years. I began working with Patrice in the fall of 2012 and am now a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife with my own practice WEST MICHIGAN MIDWIFERY IN GRAND RAPIDS. I really enjoyed working with the Full Circle practice. I love the team approach to care and being a part of the strong support that is offered to families, and I enjoy  my own practice while continuing to be a part of the Full Circle team when needed.

I also volunteer as the chapter leader in Grand Rapids with the International Cesarean Awareness Network, providing access to resources, education and support for c-section awareness and VBAC support.